Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

27 December travels home

Tuesday we headed to the airport at 9:30 a.m.  The rental car return went smoothly. My wife is on a first-name basis with the parking lot attendants at the rental car company.  The check-in process proved easy, which is nice, because Kansas City's small airport can get crowded in the holiday season.  We boarded our 12:10 p.m. flight. I read more of "A Christmas Carol", moving well into the Ghost of Chrismas Yet to Come but not yet reaching full reclamation.  I wonder how many times I have read this story. As we were boarding the plane, I saw on a social media site that the actress and writer Carrie Fisher died. I was sorry to hear of her passing at the age of 60.  I recall her Star Wars work, of course, but also her part in "When Harry Met Sally" as well as her articulate offscreen work.

We took a Super Shuttle home, first stopping at a fellow passenger's duplex in north Dallas.  The weather was palpably warmer than in Kansas City. Once home, I drove to my office. I spent a couple of hours getting things done. I headed home again, where we had a nice dinner of turkey spaghetti, which was more substantial than the Quaker Lower Sugar instant oatmeal I had for breakfast or the two string cheese sticks and a home-made cinnamon biscotti I had for lunch. This biscotti was made by one of my wife's step-mother's step-nieces (i.e., the step-daughter of my wife's step-mother's brother), one of those modern levels of serial-matrimony consanguinity that might coin a term like step-cousin-twice-removed. The young woman in question, a freshman in university, is one of those kind people that anyone would want for a cousin, no steps attached.

The holiday mail brought a card in the shape of a snow globe from a cousin's family, as well as the opening of some gifts here. I was delighted with a box I got from afar,and deeply pleased with Winter pajamas and a small AM/FM pocket radio I received. This last shall serve me well as a cell phone alterantive when I wish to consume words or music as I walk.

I have a busy three days planned, and then it is already New Year's.

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