Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Christmas to Boxing Day

Sunday morning I ook an hour-long walk, during which I sighted a charming Brown Creeper. My wife's sister, her husband, their two kids, and our other niece showed up at 10:30 a.m. at my wife's step-mother's house. We all dined on quiche and coffee cake. Then we watched the kids open their presents. The presents were hits, which was nice.

In the afternoon, we drove 45 minutes to a more rural part of Kansas, where we shared Christmas dinner with 28 relatives of my wife's step-mother. It was good to see everyone.  We dined on beef tenderloin, grits, salad and rolls. We drove home through a heavy rain. My  wife and my wife's step-mother and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas evening together.

I got up this morning and once again took an hour's walk. Near Noon, my wife's step-mother made us scrambled eggs, raisin toast and bacon.  In the afternoon, we drove to my wife's sister's home, giving my wife's step-mother a break. Then we dropped our niece at a friend's home and and took my wife's sister, her husband, their son and their son's young friend to Cafe Ixtapa. Cafe Ixtapa served us a good meal of Vera-Cruz-style food. I had soft tacos I really enjoyed.

We headed to the Line Creek Trail in Missouri. We walked for an hour on this sidewalk path through a wooded area.
We had a good time. Flocks of Canada Geese flew overhead.  I had had a sore back in the morning, but the walk dissolved the soreness. I was glad, because I do not often get a sore back.

Tonight we dined on left-over chicken, salad, orzo and a crispy chocolate chip cookie.

This has been a good, pleasant quiet Christmas with family. We missed my wife's father and her aunt, who left us this year.
But we enjoyed the company of we of us who are left who have each other.

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