Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I began my morning with two packages of Kroger Lower Sugar oatmeal. The temperature was again well below freezing. At lunch, I walked in a Best Buy electronics store hunting for a gift for a nephew. I ate Pepperoni pizza slices, broccoli, dill pickles and carrots at Cici's. At night, I had whole wheat spaghetti, a pork loin, a beef patty and salad.

I looked up my eBird results for the year thus far. In my home county I've seen 103 species, down a bit from last year. My most recent new addition this year was a Hermit Thrush on Saturday. The total is about 40% of the available offerings in my area.

I read tonight about Des Moines and watched an episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation,in which Lesley Crusher takes tests having to do with getting into Starfleet Academy. We got a nice card from my wife's cousin, a nice card from an LJ friend, and a nice box that proved a pleasant surprise.

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