Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

2 strike bonding

I got up early and did some on-line research. I ate some odd gluten-free cereal I got at a store. I did not buy it because it is gluten-free. I am completely fine with gluten, and not one of the small minority who get very ill on gluten. I got it because I thought it had less fat and sugar. Unfortunately, I just noticed that the nutrition stats were based on 2/3rd cup servings. I eat a cup of cereal at a time with my skim milk. But the Weight Watchers "smart points" were okay.

At lunch I walked in Bradfield Park in Garland, It was a bit chilly, but I enjoyed it. Then I had carrots, broccoli, dill pickles and three slices of 12" pepperoni pizza at CiCi's.

I worked past 7 p.m., and then headed home. We ate turkey spaghetti.

Tomorrow and Saturday are forecast to be warm. Sunday is forecast to be freezing. We'll see.

I read about the male lead in the movie Christmas in Connecticut, Dennis Morgan. I learned that he founded Two Strike Park in La Crescenta, California. I used to walk our two lhasas Scout and Teddy from our home to the small foothills baseball park Two Strike. I felt a kind of remote kinship with someone I only saw in a movie because 70+ years ago he helped found a park I visited.

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