Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

normal, grounded life

I got up on Tuesday morning and fixed Oatfit instant oatmeal. I focused a bit on Christmas shopping on-line before I left. I found myself watching product reviews on to try to isolate the right gift for a friend. I found something called Octane 7 speakers that sound right for a young friend. I watched a Youtube of a Stephen Colbert interview of the actress Diane Kruger. She explained how she uses her different accents in different situations,. She is a native German speaker who lived much of her life in France and also speaks lightly-accented idiomatic English. But she shifts her accented English according to the need. The French accent gets used, it turns out, with airline personnel and traffic police.

At one point Mr. Colbert asked her if she lives a "normal" life beyond the performing and the like. When she hit a part of her story in which she described being able to throw a party at her house in London, in New York or in Los Angeles, she said "I guess I don't have a normal life, but it's a good life". I suspect lots of people feel the same way about their own lives, though most of us have only one home or apartment, and throw few parties.

On the way to work I stopped by the local dry cleaners to pick up shirts. I get my shirts folded, a throwback to the days when I had an air-flight every week or two. The advent of the routine telephonic hearing has cut back on my air travel. I recently got an email from one airlines that I no longer fly enough miles to maintain "gold" status. I will decline their "generous" offer to sell me the status for an annual payment of $ 800. I am at home in airplanes, lo these many miles later, regardless of my elite status.

I had an unusually busy work day, punctuated by some other non-work business. At Noon I participated in a call about a new nonprofit I may be forming with others. Though I do not need a new responsibility, it's a worthy endeavor. I worked until 7:00 p.m., taking a break only for three soft chicken tacos.

On the way home, I stopped by Sprouts for bananas and clementines. I found myself eating too many of the former the rest of the evening. I am much more careful about my food nowadays but I can overdo fruit still.

At home, we had turkey spaghetti and salad. I liked that the box assured us that the actual pasta was "made in Italy". We watched television programs--"Bull" and "NCIS: New Orleans". I see the young man I mentored through Big Brothers called me last night. I will call him back today, and hope we get together in the holiday season.

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