Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

modest efforts

I got on the site last night to create this year's holiday cards. I labored mightily, and finally got the task completed, after an initial feint at a card which I abandoned due to the shipping time.

Back when LiveJournal had the robust participation that was a glimmer of current Facebook participation, I used to solicit names and addresses for holiday cards, and get dozens of replies. In recent years, the participation here has declined. But I still like to send out cards to those who might enjoy them. They're a modest effort at community, but a modest effort I can modestly pursue.

If I may send you a holiday card, please fill in the poll. I am unconcerned about your private information, so feel free to give a work address or some such if you wish. If I set up the poll correctly, then the results will be visible only to me.

I am happy to send cards to distant places. I never expect a reciprocal card.

Here is the card address device, formatted as a "poll":

Please fill in your name and address for a card here, and I will send you a modest bit of simple, relatively creedless holiday good wishes, in card form.


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