Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sargon is a bit smug

I spent much of Friday on long telephone conference calls on a family matter. I worked a bit into the evening digging up some interesting information on a work-related matter. I wrote a certificate of formation for a new non-profit I am among those forming. For breakfast, I ate two packages of Oatfit instant oatmeal. At lunch, I had a roasted chicken breast and wing, a yeast roll and green beans from Golden Chick. For dinner, I cut up asparagus, small "roaster" potatoes, and broccoli and microwaved it a huge glass bowl. I also ate a corn muffin and a skinny cow vanilla bean confection. I also microwaved some acorn squash, which was a bit less successful. Acorn squash seems to do better with a proper oven bake.

I spent much of the evening watching episodes of Star Trek, the original series. The shows are all very watchable, but the variability in their quality from season to season stands out a bit. The enormous debt that the show owes to the Twilight Zone also struck me last night. I fell asleep with episode after episode playing, but managed to return from 5 year voyages by turning the television off in the pre-dawn.

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