Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

radar cookery

This morning I drove my wife to her work. She had an early evening flight planned to her childhood home in the Kansas City area. She arranged for a shuttle service to take her from her work to the airport, so I could simplify her travel this way. Before we left, I breakfasted on Quaker Lower Sugar instant oatmeal.

At my office I worked a solid day of interesting work. Each of my colleagues also did interesting work today. At lunch, I walked in Heritage Park in Sachse. The Eastern Meadowlarks hunted seeds on the baseball fields but, as ever,were skittish about a human nearby. I ate raw broccoli, raw carrots, cubed pineapple, dill pickles and two slices of 12" buffet pizza at CiCi's Pizza.

After work, I spoke with my wife on the phone as she waited at the airport. Then I headed to the supermarket Kroger. I bought fresh vegetables: bananas, two honeycrisp apples, asparagus, broccoli, an acorn squash and steakhouse roaster potatoes.

I followed instructions I read about microwave cookery. I sliced the broccoli, asparagus, and potatoes into small pieces. Then I cooked them in a covered glass bowl. I lacked the plastic wrap dictated, so I used microwave-ready parchment paper. In roughly 4 minutes of microwave action, punctuated by some testing, I had suitably cooked food. With some salt and pepper, it all came out very good. I ate a sandwich slim for accompaniment. I also had several bananas, an apple, and some string cheese, as well as a Skinny Cow ice cream bar and a few walnut halves.
Later, I had some baked ruffles.

Now I am watching a sports game on television while Bea rests on her Mississippi bed beside me.

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