Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Night flight

On the plane last night to Sacramento, I read Jeanette Winterston's "Gut Symmetries". insanity_burst gave me the novel to read on Sunday. The pages seemed to fly by, and I finished the book over Phoenix just before my change of planes. I liked the sense of the novel-as-poetry. The book reminded me, perhaps idiosyncratically, of the Charles Williams novels. For those who have not read Charles Williams, he wrote seven wonderful novels of heterodox Christian spiritual thrillers, a template upon which he wove myth and imagery to try to catch the elusive issues of meaning. As with the Williams novels, Ms. Winterston writes what I consider to be poetry remolded into prose. She also uses literary and mythologic tradition to try to express broader spiritual themes, albeit entirely different (if no less exuberant) themes than Mr. Williams. I liked the novel very much, although it is rather different from the more middle-brow plotted-Victorian-novels I've been reading lately.

I've got a meeting all day today, and then a late night flight back to Dallas tonight. If I had time to worry, I'd worry that I have too much to do right now. Despite the time crunch, though, relief is ahead. I am one of those people who just adores Thanksgiving. and my wife and I are so looking forward to visiting with my folks this weekend.

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