Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

first goldfinches

The weather today was idyllic. A cold front is predicted, of course, for tonight.
I wore my suit to work due to a morning meeting. Usually I am in business casual.
I miss, sometimes, the days when one wore a suit every day, but I do not miss them enough to wear a suit every day.

I read up on things to do on Saturday. Right now I am leaning toward a Christmas program of John Rutter hymns by the Allen Symphony Chorus. But this could change.

At lunch I went to Breckinridge Park. The little concrete ditch-thing had birds bathing in it--Dark-Eyed Junco, Eastern Bluebirds and first-of-season-for-me American Goldfinches.

Eastern Bluebird

Today's breakfast--one package of Quaker Lower Sugar instant oatmeal and one package of Oatfit instant oatmeal.

Today's lunch--a turkey sandwich on wheat from Subway, along with baked chips. I was surprised when the price had climbed from the usual 6 dollars and 50 cents to a bit over 8 dollars.

Tonight's dinner: turkey chili and a corn muffin.

Tonight's television: Flash, This is Us, and Chicago Fire

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