Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wind and raptors

This morning I could not follow my regular routine. Usually, when I eat my cereal or instant oatmeal, I slip Beatrice some "mini-dog-bones". But today Bea was on no-food due to a vet appointment. She took it all in stride. She is an incredibly well-behaved dog, a few snappish yaps here and there notwithstanding. My instant oatmeal was good, as always. Before work, I walked in Suncreek Park.

I got a lot done at work today. At lunch, I walked in Richardson's Breckinridge Park. It was warmish but very windy. I still got lots of pictures of this American Kestrel:

I wondered to myself if the joy that American Kestrels and Turkey Vultures have in cruising the thermals is truly joy, or just my human projection.

For lunch, I ate three soft tacos at Taco Bell. After work, I walked in Bradfield Park, I had a  turkey sandwich on wheat and baked chips at Subway.

From 6:20 p.m to 8:15 p.m., I did intake at the legal clinic run in Garland by the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. Lots of volunteers showed up, so we were done with a heavy docket in two hours.

Tomorrow is Friday, That makes me happy,though I like Monday through Thursday.

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