Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

creek and milkweed

Sunday mornings follow a pattern for me. I get up early, and make myself cold cereal or oatmeal. Today I made instant microwave oatmeal. After breakfast, I did some shopping on eBay, but did not buy yet. By 8something, I was walking in Plano on the Chisholm Trail, The section I chose of this sidewalk path is the part that I reach via an elementary school parking lot on Rainier.

This part of the Chisholm Trail runs by a place in which Rowlett Creek, one of the multiple tributaries of Dallas' delta-like Trinity River, This particular section is directed into a little lake-like spur, rather like some of the urban "waters" I saw in Scotland.

In the Winter, this creek will be full of Wintering ducks of multiple species. But today, I saw only a group of mallards in a shallow section.

During this walk, I saw Eastern Bluebirds, Chipping Sparrows, and a House Finch.
After my Sunday morning walk, I head over to the 9:30 a.m. meeting at the Weight Watchers location at Custer and Parker Roads in Plano.  This time I elected to stand during the meeting, to burn a calorie or two.  The little weekly handout include a recipe for pumpkin tarts in wonton wrappers.

Roughly 25-30 people attend this meeting each week. I have been going to the morning meeting on Sundays over a year, after declining membership caused the organization to "close" the 2 p.m. Sunday meeting. I rarely speak at the meetings, which leads the leader to think I am the quiet type. I am not really the quiet type. I am a situational socializer.

After Weight Watchers each week, I go to a park to walk around before church. This time I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano and then in Oak Point Park in Plano.  In Oak Point Park, I saw a Cooper's Hawk.

I went to "The Way" service at First UMC of Allen. The sermon dealt with personal sacrifice to achieve good.

After church, I ate lunch at Dickey's BBQ, where I ate breast of chicken, two helpings of green beans, and half a dinner roll. After lunch, I went to Great Clips in Plano for a haircut. At first, I had to wait since others signed in ahead of me using an on-line portal. One woman ahead of me got a Marine-style flat-top.  A mom waiting for her son sang softly along to the Smiths' "How Soon is Now?".
Finally I got a haircut, done by two. When I stopped to buy bananas next door, I noticed a couple of grown men wearing Dallas Cowboys jerseys. The succeses of the local sports team appear to be inspiring loyalty.

In the afternoon, I watched the Dallas Cowboys game in television. At half-time, I picked us up chicken, charro beans, broccoli and corn tortillas from El Pollo Loco.

We watched the Dallas Cowboys win a very close game against a very good team. Then we settled in to watch Sunday night dramas.

My wife pointed out to me that our mlikweed plants are improbably filled with November Monarch caterpillars,

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