Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

buckeye saturday

Saturday I woke reasonably early and ate Cheerios multi-grain cereal and skim milk. I took Beatrice for a walk.  the early morning weather proved windy with a touch of chill--right on target for this time of November. Beatrice patiently said hello to an over-eager male Poodle we had never seen before. She had a more friendly hello for her friend Diva, a winning Shih Tzu with nice owners. I am not sure if Beatrice's friendship with Diva is based upon sympathy of soul or based upon Diva's owners being willing to pet Beatrice, but it all works out.

The time change had the unwelcome effect of cutting down on the number of steps I take on the weekdays. So i resolved to walk a lot on Saturday.  I drove to Towne Lake Park in McKinney.  I walked there for a bit over an hour.  I saw lots of birds, particularly in the woods next to the Community Center next door. Some kind of construction was underway at the Community Center--it looked like a new addition.

I picked up a Black Forest Ham sandwich and baked chips at Subway. Then I drove to Allen Station Park. I walked there for another hour or so. Then I drove to Sprouts and picked up bananas. I stopped for one last walk in Green Park, where I admired a Common Buckeye Butterfly who stayed still.

Late Saturday afternoon, i tinkered with attaching another desktop to my television. That effort proved less successful. When my wife came home from  getting a facial, we headed to the movies.

Very near our home the Moviehouse and Eatery opened, part of a recent trend for cinemas to serve meals. We bought tickets to the 5:45 p.m. showing of Dr. Strange. We were impressed with the menu. I got a vegetable burger based on sweet-potato-admixed patties called a Sandy. My wife got a kind of beef rice bowl. We both enjoyed our meals.

We also liked the film. I had not been in any particular mood for one more comic book hero movie. But Tilda Swinton and Benedict Cumberbatch did a good job with a good script, which made the film a good watch. We headed home. We watched a portion of a sports contest involving my alma mater, until its team gave up prior to the end of the game. Then we watched an "Inspector Lynley" mystery and "Ashes to Ashes" on PBS.

Today I hope to do a few practical things.

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