Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lots of walking and a few wires

I fell asleep on Friday night uncertain whether to exercise on my own Saturday, to go on a bird walk at Connemara Meadow, or to drive down to the Trinity River Audubon Center for the 7:15 a.m. bird walk there. I left it to a matter of how i felt when I awoke. As I suspected I woke up for the count too late to go on meither organized walk. I ate Kix Cereal and skim milk. I headed to Limestone Quarry Park in nearby Frisco. I walked for an hour and a half there. I saw my first Golden-Crowned Kinglets of the season. They winter here after living in northern climes in the far northern US or in Canada during the Spring and Summer months. When we hiked to Lake Sherborne in Yoho National Park in British Columbia this Summer, we got a close look at one in Summer plumage. The two I saw Satuday in Winter plumage lacked the visible colorful crown. True to form, they acted without a lot of shyness but with a lot of flitting about, eluding my ineffective photography.

After my walk, I headed home and took Beatrice for walk around Glendover Pond. I saw additional birds during this walk. I headed to KFC for lunch, where I had grilled chicken breast and wing, half a biscuit, and green beans. I stopped by little Green Park near my house, where I saw lots of Eastern Bluebirds, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Northern Mockingbirds and Northern Cardinals.

I drove down to MicroCenter in Richardson.  I have a small form factor desktop computer I want to connect to my television. A capable fellow who assisted me got me nearly everything I needed.  I watched a sports contest in which the team from my university alma mater scored an upset over a team from Florida.

 My wife ate a huge lunch out with friends at the burger place Snuffer's, so I went to Dickey's BBQ myself for dinner. I ate a turkey breast plate, green beans, corn on the cob and half a roll. I stoppped by Radio Shack, where I got one wire that I did not get from MicroCenter.

We watched one of the episodes of "Inspector Lynley Mysteries".

I believe that among all the walks I went on Saturday, I saw about two thirds as many birds as I would have on the Connemara walk. I got in a lot more steps than I would have on a more slow-moving,bird-filled organized walk, though. I got 15,000 in which is fine.

Sunday morning I had a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal and skim milk. I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Rainier Drive. At that part of the trail, Rowlett Creek makes a small lake. I hoped to see migrating ducks there. I saw instead a variety of small songbirds.

At Weight Watchers I was up two-tenths of a pound, which was fine with me. I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano, where I admired a Pied-Billed Grebe.

I went to church at First UMC. The sermon dealt with focusing on the simple and non-material rather than upon material acquisition. Today was communion Sunday, the only day of the month on which I eat a bite of King's Hawaiian bread dipped in grape juice.

I ate a Subway turkey sandwich on whole wheat. After lunch, I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. Two delightful young children came up and said 'hello' to her. Now I am watching sports and television and researching installing the Debian operating system on an ARM tablet.

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