Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

junco friday

Kix cereal, skim milk, little mini-milk-bones for our dog.  My dog takes more medications than do my wife and I combined. I had a mid-morning meeting in Plano. At lunch, I walked  in Breckinridge Park and then ate buffet pizza and lots of raw vegetables at CiCi's. After work, I walked in Timber Nature Preserve in Murphy. I saw my first Dark-Eyed Juncos of the Autumn. We dined at the local Vietnamese place here in Allen. I had a pho ga', while my wife had a banh mi with pork. I spent my late evening watching the first episode of the "Foyle's War" series, which I had seen before but enjoyed. I got the box set some time ago as a gift, and now I mean to watch it in order. I fretted a bit tonight about a careless typo on a matter less than material and more than fixable but nonetheless irritating.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be pleasant. I am deciding between two organized bird walks and self-catering my outdoor activities. When I walk alone, I see fewer birds but set my own pace and timing. We'll see.

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