Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

candy day

I started my day with Special K Vanilla Almond cereal and skim milk.. I listened to and reviewed songs on ccMixter. Monday is the day the big trucks pick up trash, so I emptied the waste baskets and put out the big rolling receptacles--one for recyclables and one for ordinary trash.

During my lunch break from work, I went for Church's fried chicken. I walked in Salmon Park in Sachse. I saw a yellow butterfly. I find it odd that the clouded and cloudless sulphur are a bit hard for me to tell apart, since one is in theory quite different than the other.

I stopped by a Dollar General. I picked up packages of little pretzels and packages of fruit chews to hand out for Halloween. This fulfilled my charge to avoid a candy that my wife favored. I had thought about non-food giveaways for Halloween this year. But I settled instead for non-fat. In a show of timidity, I got some hard candies in case we ran out.

I stopped after work and picked up shirts from the dry cleaners. Then I headed home. My wife arrived home later and took Beatrice for a walk. We watched "Supergirl" on television.  Only twelve Halloween trick or treaters came to our house this year. I think the kids in our neighborhood are getting older and less door-to-door at Halloween. Over the years of this journal, the entries go from this low of 12 to a high of 56 or so, but recent years are near the lower figure.

We ate hamburgers on sandwich thins with carrots. I played more Tomorrow is a busy day.

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