Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

first things

Saturday morning I wanted to get my exercise near home. After a morning bowl of cereal and skim milk, I grabbed my binoculars and digital camera, as well as the inexpensive white headphones i use to listen to things when I walk. I headed across Alma to pick up the Watters Branch Trail, a sidewalk path by Watters Branch, a tributary of Rowlett Creek.

I found the podcast called the Mintcast, and listened to it as I walked. During my walk, I saw lots of cool dogs. My favorite was an Italian Greyhound who pranced all four of its feet as it walked. I find I am not much of a people watcher, but I am always interested in dogs.

I kept my bird sightings on a tiny booklet I acquired at a dollar store for that purpose. I logged 11 species, ranging from a rather large Red-Tailed Hawk to my first sighting this Autumn of a bird that by Christmas will be abundant, the Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

I also saw a few migrating Monarch Butterflies, slowly making their way towards Mexico.

I took the leftward path onto the Urban Center Loop, until I came to its end. I went on a sidewalk over to Ridgeview Drive. Ridgeview was recently expanded a bit, so that the sidewalks are not yet built. So I walked on the huge grassy median back home.

After I got home, I leashed up Beatrice and took her for a walk in Glendover Park. She loves this little one mile round trip.

I went for lunch at Dickey's BBQ Pit, where I had chicken breast, two helping of green beans and a yeast roll.  Then I went to Kroger to pick up some cases of sports drink. On the way home, I stopped by little Green Park. When I walked there, I saw my first Ruby-Crowned Kinglet of the Autumn, as well as Eastern Bluebirds, Blue Jays, American Robins (who were eating hollies in a holly tree) and a Northern Mockingbird.

In the early evening, we went to the Whichwich sandwich chain, where I had baked chips and a chicken sandwich, as well as a Skinny Cow frozen dairy confection.

Then I downloaded a set of tracks by a hip-hop artist named Robbero from the site. I had been assigned Robero to remix as part of the quarterly "secret mixter" event. I used the digital audio workstation software called Audacity to create a new song from the samples, which I named "House of Ghosts".

This morning I got up early, listened to music from netlabel artists, downloaded some new albums, and uploaded "House of Ghosts" to the site. I listened to and reviewed others' mixes.

I walked in Russell Creek Park in Plano. I saw lots of birds enjoying the morning sun. I headed to Weight Watchers, where I was 1.6 pounds up. They gave me a certificate.

I went to church, where the sermon centered on being generous. I ate lunch at Casa Taco, where I had two soft beef tacos. In the afternoon, I felt fatigued, so I rested and watched television. After a lunch of sandwiches, I played the on-line casual browser game for the first time. Later, we watched the local sports team play a game against a competing sports team. When our local team won, we embraced and laughed.

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