Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

forgotten rolls

I began Friday morning with a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal and skim milk. At lunch, I walked in Heritage Park in Sachse, where a sidewalk circles ballfields and the resident Loggerhead Shrike patrols in prominence.

After my walk, I retired to CiCi's Pizza for two slices of pepperoni, raw broccoli, baby carrots and dill pickles. After work, I stopped in Plano at the Chisholm Trail,where a huge Red-Tailed Hawk landed on one of the high-tension wire towers.

We went to dinner at the sushi place Shiawase. The restaurant has unfortunately noisy acoustics, but friendly staff. For starters, I ate a bowl of miso soup and some edamame. For the main course, I ate a garden roll and an eel  roll. I also ordered a tuna roll, but the staff forgot to make my roll. This proved to be fortunate, as the two rolls were sufficient.

Now I am sitting in the dark in my easy chair, typing this on my laptop, which is on a TV tray before me. It is nearly dark in this room, with the light of approaching dawn in the front hall windows. I am listening to the ambient artist Bing Satellites doing his track "Escape" on internet radio through my VLC music software. I am content.

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