Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

racing woes and bluebirds

While I ate Kix cereal and skim milk, I gave Beatrice some miniature milk bones. I walked on the Chisholm Trail. I went to Weight Watchers, where I was down four pounds. This brought my total to 100 pounds, so they gave me a little washer with 100 written on it.
People were nice. I stopped at Suncreek Park and walked. Then I went to Suncreek United Methodist Church for the Sunday service. A choir of children sang "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho". The sermon addressed the wisdom in avoiding arrogance and self-righteousness.  The associate minister Reverend Milton asked me to remind him of my name. I was pleased to be almost remembered, as we do not belong to that church.

I drove to Market Street supermarket for lunch. I ordered pot roast, turnip greens, a medley of squash and broccoli and a dinner roll for lunch, and ate my lunch in the little seating area. I drove to Bethany Lakes Park, where I walked a bit. I also went to Green Park, where a flurry of Eastern Bluebirds flitted in the little park. I drove home and watched sports on television and ran a load of laundry.

I played with FMS Logo, drawing very little of use. I played the casual on-line game "I Saw Her Standing There", which was a game new to me. I drew a game of chess against the Pychess chess engine. At five p.m., I took Beatrice for a walk in the very pleasant weather. I took a picture of no particular note of a Northern Mockingbird. For dinner, I made sandwiches using wheat rolls and chicken luncheon meat. I went to, and played a few rounds of the vintage dungeon game Telengard. I also tried another vintage game called Indy Racer,but I kept having a flat tire (perhaps through grazing walls with racing tires at high speed).

Now we are watching "Madam Secretary" and enjoying our evening.


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