Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Bonham and Southlake

I ate the last of my current box of Trix cereal along with skim milk this morning.
I hit the road at 8:15 a.m. The weather was a bit below 10 degrees C., so I wore my red sweater that I got in Breckinridge, Colorado. By 11 a.m. I could peel back to my short sleeve shirt.

I drove the fifty minutes northeast to Bonham State Park in Fannin County, Texas. As I drove the little country highway to the park, I encountered participants in a huge bicycle rally from nearly Bonham. Two motorcyclists escorted one group, and helped me find a good way to pass three recumbent cycle bicyclists.

When I got to the park at 9:05, I headed to the park office, an old WPA building built during the Great Depression. There was a line in this usually lightly-attended park. They were all folks paying the 4 dollars a day for day use or the 15 dollars a night for camping. I was there to show my park pass, which excused payment of the four dollars.

I walked all the way around the lake on the little park road. Then I walked on the Lake Loop Trail. I saw 13 species of bird--more than fifty birds in all. The Chipping Sparrow and the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker were of the incoming Winter birds. As I hiked, I realized why I like this park, though the Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve or the Trinity River Audubon Center or the Heard Natural Science Center have better wildlife-viewing. The park reminds me of White Oak Lake, a small state park where I grew up in Arkansas. There are lots of differences between the two parks, the the trees and small lake bring back those memories.

After walking around, I went to Golden Chick for roast chicken and green beans. Then I drove down to Farmersville. I intended to bicycle on the Chisholm Trail, but found that Farmersville, too, had a bicycle rally. So I drove down to Southlake Park.

At Southlake Park I took a nice walk. There I saw a Loggerhead Shrike and Eastern Meadowlarks. Then I drove home to Allen, via back roads in northeastern Collin County, coming out near Copeville. I like the rural parts of Collin County.

In the afternoon, I watched sports, until my alma mater's team was losing badly. I drew a little shield using Logo. Then I picked us up sandwiches from Whichwich. I spoke with my sister, who was planning a driving route between New York City and northwest Arkansas. Now we are watching A Madea Christmas.


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