Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

My niece and I ate skim milk and Trix while we waited for my wife to awake. My wife had a yogurt, and we headed to the train station. We caught the Red Line train to downtown Dallas. For my Missouri niece, the ride marked her first experience with a commuter train.

The train turned out to be unduly crowded, as a world of folks headed to downtown Dallas for a Race for the Cure anti-cancer event. We switched to the Green Line at Pearl Station and got off at the Fair Park exit.

The Fair Park exit is directly adjacent to the park itself, where the State Fair was in full session. We headed into the park and began a fun day. Among the things we did were the following:

1. my niece did an "obstacle course" sponsored by Nissan;
2. we rode the lovely Texas Star ferris wheel;
3. We watched the Boer Goat competition. We liked the elementary school girl who was one of the persons showing goats;
4. our niece tried a rope-climbing competition but failed to win a prize;
5. our niece fed goats with a little plastic shovel at the barnyard exhibition;
6. we ate hot dogs rather than fried anything;
7. we enjoyed the tropical butterfly house;
8. a nice but curious man at lunch told us of the travails of being a father to a 2 year old at age 56 and made a curious exhortion to nobody in particular that he thought folks ought to vote for Mr. Trump even though nobody likes Trump. I find myself a bit amazed by the various conspiracy theories or know-nothing philosophies that lead people to continue to support Mr. Trump despite the evidence he should not be president. His 2-year-old hurt herself slightly slipping from a seated position onto a picnic bench, but seemed to be all right. The child's mother was very nice;
9. We saw the Air Force Academy marching band march by, heading for a football game in the Cotton Bowl stadium;
10. I strongly suspect that Tiny Tim, the "smallest horse on earth", is not indeed the smallest;
11. We did not score our usual haul of useless freebies, but the towel that came out of the package cold was worthwhile;
12. We missed the butter sculpture and the shelter dog show;
13. the train home was again pleasant; and
14. the weather was a bit warmer than ideal October fair weather.

On the way home, we stopped by Braum's ice cream emporium to get my niece a cookies 'n' cream cone. We dined at Texas Land and Cattle. I had a 6 oz. filet mignon, grilled shrimp, a dry baked potato and broccoli crowns.

My niece announced that a favorite show on Nickelodeon had a "big reveal", so we adjourned home so that she could see it. As my wife napped, I watched television with her, while keeping up with sports scores via I liked the positive, upbeat messages of the shows my niece watched.

Later, she rented A Dolphin's Tale II. My wife woke up and watched with us. Now it is a little after midnight, and I am winding down from a full day.

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