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anniversary party

I got up this morning and ate instant oatmeal. I walked in Highpoint Park in Plano and then went to Weight Watchers. I was down 1.2 pounds, bringing my total list to 99.8 pounds.

After Weight Watchers, I went to Shawnee Park. I saw a Red-Bellied Woodpecker on a bare branch. Then I headed to First UMC for church. I liked the hymns. The pastor giving the sermon mentioned the current Trump issue, in measured but easy-to-decipher terms.

I ate two slices of pepperoni pizza, dill pickles and baby carrots at CiCi's. I drove my car to Goodyear, and dropped it off to get my tire issue solved. My wife came and picked me up, as the Goodyear had only one technician on duty, necessitating a wait.

My car was ready at 3 p.m. It turned out there had been another puncture. Goodyear fixed it without charging me. I will take future paid business there.

At half-time of the televised Dallas Cowboys football game, my wife and I walked Beatrice. She had a great time.

At 7 p.m., we headed to Richardson for a 25th wedding anniversary party for a fellow I know. The party was held in a huge party room occupying a floor of a building. Almost everyone but a handful of folks were from India.

When we headed to dinner, a huge buffet was laid on. We followed a suggestion that we start at the chaat bar. Nice folks made us little plates of chaat, from my quick reading it was a papdi chaat.

From the entree lines, I got a little bit of roast chicken, a bit of lentils, a "chicken pop", some shrimp, some roti, a great roti-like flatbread a bit like roti but with a slight hint of sweetness, and little bits of other things.

For dessert I had a plate of lots of fresh fruit, along with a tiny bit of kheer and a tiny bit of halwa.

We really enjoyed the part when the celebrating couple re-created a wedding dance. Then their early 20s daughters did a cool dance. Then their younger sons did their dance. Then the kids did a modern dance. I also liked the way that the hosts recognized one cousin who had just gotten her CPA designation and several folks celebrating birthdays. After the formal celebration parts, the dance floor erupted with kids and young adults dancing to Indian songs which were more of a melange of electronica, pop, hip hop, techno and some traditional Indian-sounding melodies.

We had a great time. Our hosts were great. The great Desi community traditional, modern and blended varieties of attire were fun to see. The people were nice. We had a good time. I have to work tomorrow, so we could not stay but the better part of 3 hours. But I am glad we got to go.

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