Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flat tire blues

Saturday started with a bowl of Kix cereal and skim milk. I took Beatrice for a walk, in weather sufficiently cool to justify wearing my red fleece. I saw some birds in the park. In my front yard, there were indications that a Bobcat [or perhaps Coyote or Red-Tailed Hawk] feasted on a bunny.

I packed up Beatrice at 10:45 to take her to a vet appointment. When I started to drive, I realized I had a flat rear passenger tire. I pulled back into my driveway, and called the vet to tell them I would be 15 minutes delayed. I did not have time to change the tire, so I got out my bicycle pump and pumped it up sufficiently to drive.

The folks at the Allen Vet Centre were great. Though our lateness made it hard and inconvenient to fit us in, they did fit us in. Beatrice was over her ear infection. Her blood work has one odd reading. The vet explained to me several options on how to deal with this one, in clear and useful terms. We selected a strategy, got a medication, and made a follow-up appointment. Beatrice behaved admirably the entire time, saying hello to other people there with or for their pets, and being patient with vet and vet assistant notwithstanding various medical indignities.

I drove to a nearby air dispensary, and Beatrice and I got out together while I
aired up the low-air tire. I dropped Beatrice off at home, and then drove to Discount Tire. It was closing early and was swamped with personnel, so I drove one block over to Goodyear. After a bit of a wait, a nice man did the in-take on my Equinox. He gave me the good news that they could handle the problem in 45 minutes.

I walked to a nearby Subway sandwich shop, amid heavy traffic. I ate a delicious Black Forest Ham on wheat, with baked chips. I took a less traffic-bound route back to the Goodyear, under a bridge. When I got to the store, I picked up a voice mail that said "your car is ready". They had removed a nail and patched the tire. They did not charge me. I was pleased.

In the early afternoon, I downloaded two continuing legal education seminars to meet my annual obligations to take seminars. I watched one good ethics seminar about 10 ways to avoid anyone making an ethical complaint to the bar. This seminar included the unfortunate statistic that 36.8 % of lawyers report having issues with heavy drinking. I am glad I do not face that demon. I began another about the ethical implications of being retirement age. This video had an odd passage in which an audience member seemed to raise the virtues of euthanasia in a place in which it only tangentially fit.

I had only 5,000 or so steps, so I went for a walk on the Watters Branch trail. I wanted to stay close to home, so as to avoid losing time to driving. I walked 11,000 steps, from my house to Ridgeview Drive to DaySpring Nature Preserve to Green Park through Glendover Park and then home. I saw only 10 species, but one was my first sighting of a Winter bird, a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.

My wife had gotten home from lunch with a former co-worker and from shopping. We went to Whichwich for turkey sandwiches and baked chips. When we arrived home, my rear passenger tire was flat again. I spent 40 minutes putting on the spare tonight. Now I am resting with some television after a day that felt both productive and not productive enough. Chores are often that way.

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