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releases and tandoori

Friday the rain fell well into the morning. My breakfast was a bowl of Trix cereal and skim milk.

I felt grateful, as ever, for my little Columbia wind-breaker/rain-jacket. The temperature stayed blissfully pleasant.

At lunch, I drove to Breckinridge Park. The park soccer fields are surrounded by a little paved loop drive. In good weather, this road attracts bicycle riders. In rainy weather, birds flock to the fields to hunt insects. Several perch on the little posts and wires along the roadway.

I drove that little road to see Eastern Bluebirds, an American Kestrel, migrating Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers, and Canadian Geese. On my way from the park, I took lots of pictures of two playful Eastern Phoebes. Then I went for a lunch of soft chicken tacos.

After work, I walked on the Chisholm Trail near dark, listening to Radio New Zealand. The station featured a story on the higher incidence of mental health issues among professional musicians. One Kiwi song-writer, apparently famous there but unknown to me, told of the mismatch between the apparent carnival fun-time of a stage performance and the day-to-day reality of coping with one's anxieties as one performs one's chosen craft.

By the time I arrived home, the news media featured lots of stories about the recently-released audio tape of presidential Donald J. Trump saying some disreputable, some inexcusable and some vile things about women and his behavior towards women. I hoped the story would badly damage Mr. Trump's presidential campaign. I thought to myself how this was a classic campaign "October Surprise", and one that easily drowned out an opposing "October Surprise" of the leaks by
Julian Assange's Wikileaks organization of Secretary Clinton's campaign emails.

My wife and I went to Iravat in Plano, an Indian restaurant, for dinner. We ordered an order of tandoori chicken and an order of aloo gobi, the potato and cauliflower dish. We really enjoyed this dinner, though I ate too much of the Naan bread which accompanied it. The waiter who assisted us served us admirably. He forgot my soft drink at first, but remedied that and apologized. I never mind imperfect service when the server makes an effort and remedies any minor oversights.

I read the next few pages of one of the two novels I am currently tackling--"Midnight Taxi Tango" by Daniel Jose Older, the second novel in his "Bone Street Rumba" series. I like this one a great deal so far.

Back at home, we watched an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles and headed off to sleep.
I slept a bit fitfully, but am up now. It's a cool October morning. I plan to take a walk, to take Beatrice to the vet, and to get some household chores done today.

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