Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

grant wood and cowgirls

I stared my Monday with Quaker Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal in the brown sugar-cinnamon flavor. Monday is trash day, so I assembled the trash and placed the rolling containers in the back drive, as I do every Monday. I read the travel section in the Sunday paper, which had a feature on the portions of Iowa pertinent to the artist Grant Wood. This confirmed my previously-held view that I wish to visit Iowa one day.

At lunch, I headed to the local NTB Auto to get an oil change and my annual inspection. But they were too busy to meet my timetable. I ate a turkey sandwich and baked chips at Subway. Then I headed north on Highway 78 until I found a little independent oil change place in the town of Wylie.

I was a bit embarrassed when I realized they vacuumed interiors, as my car interior was untidy. But I did not ask them to forego that, and I was glad about that.
My car passed inspection, so I will need to visit the automobile registration folks and get this done.

After work, I walked in Bob Woodruff Park, where I saw people riding pastel-colored bicycles, dogs accompanying bicyclists, people sitting under trees looking at their hand-held computers, and two young Red-Bellied Woodpecker. At one point, a couple of dozen birds, hitherto unnoticed by me, flew from a tree suddenly. A moment later a Red-shouldered Hawk flew by, which helped explain this sudden burst of bird.

We ate turkey sandwiches from Whichwich and chips for dinner. I watched Jimmy Fallon interview Emily Blunt about her new film, The Girl on the Train. I researched things to do with our niece. We have lots of good choices for 11-year-olds here--the State Fair, the Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth, the Perot Museum of Science in downtown Dallas, our own Heard Natural Science Center. It will be fun to narrow that down.

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