Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lava galapagos

Tuesday the rain ended but the temperature stayed pleasant. Our office seems cold lately--it's odd to have the urge to start wearing a fleece at work. I ate maple brown sugar instant oatmeal for breakfast, two slices of buffet pepperoni pizza for lunch with pickles, raw broccoli, carrots and cubed fresh pineapple on the side, and two pieces of El Pollo Loco chicken for dinner with two sides of steamed broccoli

I went last night to the Heard Natural Science Center for the Audubon Society meeting. The speaker talked about doing science in the Galapagos. His tip to Galapagos endemics--all the species are what they look like, with "Galapagos" or "Lava" at the beginning. His talk dealt with research into polyandry among Galapagos Hawks. I like that people do research, but I get weirded out by photos of people catching birds in traps.

This morning I read a science fiction novel on my desktop ereader and ate apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal. My wife headed out of town with a mission on a brief trip. I gave Beatrice her latest round of ear drops in addition to her usual meds.

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