Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

updating and the good life

On Monday I ate multi-grain Cheerios with skim milk. I ate three soft chicken tacos for lunch. For dinner, we had minute steaks, cauliflower and quinoa.

I watched Kristen Bell's new show "The Good Place" on Monday night. I liked it pretty well, but it must go in some new directions to make its afterlife theme stay workable.

I remembered to charge my small travel laptop, and now I am installing updates. Since I went to Q4OS and its Debian Stable base, updates involve a little less suspense. I like package managers that do not crash when only 1 out of 138 updates awaits something to be added to the repository. I prefer them to install the other 137 updates. On my system, the Synaptic package manager went without a hitch, though the simpler Package Updater advised that one package was not yet ready for the update.

The weather is more late-August-heat than mid-September balm.

My dog is barking outdoors, which means I will soon have to call her in. Last night I heard her whimper a bit when a rabbit got away. I am glad the rabbit got away. I got her to come in. I just gave her her daily medicine, along with a dog biscuit termed a "meaty treat" from Three Dog Bakery.

The next two weeks at work should prove busy indeed. I'm thankful for restful evenings.

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