Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

good cardinal views

A high-wind rainstorm arrived in the early morning, waking us. Beatrice braved the elements in our backyard, expressing herself as being unintimidated by the storm in forceful canine terms. Soon we dried her with a towel and turned back in.

I got up well before 9 and got a shower. Then I drove south. I stopped at HighPoint Park in Plano to walk around. I saw a male American Kestrel sitting atop a metal sign.

I went to Weight Watchers. The nice receptionist Linda, who sometimes leads meetings, asked me if I was expecting to gain some two tenths of a pound that week. I explained that this kind of small gain or loss is not something I think about.

I stopped by Shawnee Park in Plano on my way to church. As I was looking at some White-Winged Doves, I noticed that the same tree had a handsome male Northern Cardinal. I took several pictures of this fine fellow.

I went to church at First UMC of Allen. I did not follow my usual practice of going to the "The Way" service, but instead went to the main sanctuary "pop song" service.This turned out to be a great decision, as the sermon on grandparents by associate pastor Maxie Moore made some great points about the virtues of involving senior folks in the community. Reverend Moore went to seminary later in life after one career as a junior high coach. I liked her pragmatic approach to her subject matter.

After the service, I went to Market Street for a fine lunch of baked chicken, collard greens, baked cabbage, and a dinner roll. I listened to the local football team play sports on my car radio, and then I went home and watched the contest on television, sitting in my La Z Boy reclining chair. I was a kind of Texas everyman. When it ended a bit after 3, I drove to Allen Station Park. I walked for 75 minutes, listing out the 11 species of birds I saw and taking ordinary of a few.

I stopped by Kroger for bananas, skim milk string cheese and Powerade Zero. The six packs had all been sold out--sports watching apparently requires ample quantities of sports drinks. I got some individual bottles in a larger economy size.

After my wife returned home from getting a pedicure, we sat on our back patio. The heat from the bricks on our home radiated a bit of heat. After a bit, we ate hot dogs--I had one bratwurst dog and one Hebrew National frank dog. Now we are watching part of the Emmys.

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