Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

weekend full of fun

On Friday, I started my day with non-fat milk and multi-grain Cheerios.On my way to work, I picked up the two thank you cards I had made from Walgreens. They turned out nicely. I had to remind the kind fellow behind the counter to give me the blank envelopes that came with the order. I got them into the mail in good order.

During a busy work day, I walked to Potbelly for the TKY sandwich with lettuce and pickles, as well as Baked Lays chips. After work, I walked a bit in Suncreek Park in Allen. We went for dinner to Silver Thai restaurant, where I had tofu monsoon rolls and a big bowl of spicy bahmee soup.

I stayed up rather late watching the William Powell/Carole Lombard movie "My Man Godfrey". Though I had seen pieces of the movie over the years, I wonder if I ever before watched it end-to-end. Though its particular take on screwball comedy dialogue comes of a bit arch for me, William Powell's performance and its

On Saturday morning,I got up to find that a light rain fell the prior night. I took Beatrice for a walk in sprinkly weather. Then I headed to Old Celina City Park. Celina is a small town thirty minutes from our home. I wanted to walk in a different park. When I arrived, adults and children were congregated in one part of the park for flag football sports contests. I wandered the perimeter of the park, where I saw a Great Egret, lots of doves and lots of Killdeer. As I walked, I listened to a novella being on Radio New Zealand. Two sisters had gathered to deal with their father's passing. One kept talking about how the elder was 58 and the younger 55, so that they were "senior citizens". As I am 57, I rarely think of myself as a senior citizen. But I am eligible to join the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and to claim various over-55 discounts.

I realized I was closer to the smaller town of Gunter up in Grayson County. So I decided to check its city park. As I drove north on semi-suburban Highway 289, I
came upon throngs of parked cars, toddlers and adults. I wondered if they were making for the park. But it turned out they were going to a "touch a truck" event. Nothing makes toddlers happier than these events at which boy and girls get to touch and sometimes climb upon tractors, large equipment, trucks and various fire and police vehicles. But Gunter City Park itself proved a bit sleepy.
At one time, I saw a huge flock of white birds in the distance. Though the usual suspect for a flock of white birds would be Cattle Egrets, I think this was a very early flock of White Pelicans. But I did not get a good enough view of this 50 or so bird flock to know for sure.

On my way to find lunch, I drove on rural roads, past herds of Texas Longhorn cows in one field and a group of donkeys in another field. I ate roast chicken, a roll and a fruit cup at Golden Chick. I drove down Highway 5, where I had to wait in line for a slow-speed motorcycle rally to pass by.

In the early evening, my wife and I met our friends Scott and Donna at Seasons 52, a healthy-eating place which changes its menu roughly quarterly. We had an interesting chat. I enjoyed my grilled rainbow trout with three small, thin heritage carrots and Yukon gold new potatoes.

We all went across the street from the restaurant to the Plano Angelika Theater.
We saw the Meryl Streep/Hugh Grant film "Florence Foster Jenkins". We liked the film very much. I like learning about the Florence Foster Jenkins and William McGonagalls of the the world, who soldier on despite receiving the opposite of adulation for their work. I was intrigued when I read up last night on this true story how so many of the lines and events in the film which seemed the most outlandish were the portions taken from real events.

After the movie, I stayed up late to watch the recorded replay of the college football game between the University of Arkansas and Texas Christian University. I was pleased that my undergraduate alma mater the University of Arkansas scored an upset in double overtime in the game.

I woke up this morning to weather in the range of 19.5 degrees C. which was refreshing. I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Spring Creek in Plano prior to Weight Watchers. I liked the Red-Bellied Woodpecker I saw. I lost two pounds at Weight Watchers. Then I drove to First United Methodist Church, where the service featured a fitting 9/11 memorial. A touch of dehydration made me a bit dizzy when I stood to sing a hymn. Next time I will drink water sooner.

I ate two slices of cheese pizza, raw broccoli, dill pickles and raw carrots at CiCi's pizza buffet. Then I walked in Allen Station Park. I stopped by Wal-Mart for fresh bananas, Powerade Zero, and Kix breakfast cereal. When I returned home, I turned on the Dallas Cowboys football game. I did not laundry as it played, wrote some business letters on family business, and sorted some more old coins. The game was close and a good game but the local team lost. I threw Beatrice's stuffed corn dollar (a rather winning anthropomorphic ear-of-corn-man).

Now I will enjoy the lovely blue skies outdoors.

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