Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lists of a day

Breakfast: Strawberry Awake cereal and skim milk.
Lunch: three soft chicken tacos from Taco Bueno and a soft drink
Dinner: two baked skinless chicken breasts, a sweet potato and asparagus
Snacks: Weight Watchers mini-bars and sea salt hummus chips, two bananas

Things done besides work:
--sent a UPS package to our niece at university in Topeka,after sneaking a Chipotle' gift card to accompany the more prosaic gifts inside.
--picked up the two "thank you" notes I designed for our relatives in Tulsa from Walgreens. I was happy with the way the photos I chose looked.
--readied a letter for re-mailing after a typo meant a returned first try.
--walked on the Chisholm Trail near Custer at Spring Creek in Plano. Photos taken: Eastern Bluebird and Northern Mockingbird.
--listened to the Linux Unplugged Podcast.
--read up on small town parks in my county.

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