Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

September in Osage County, Oklahoma

I got up early this morning and went down for the hotel breakfast. Seating was limited in the small lobby, so I sat on a "sitting chair" instead of a "dining chair". My Corn Pops in the pre-fab bowl tasted good anyway.

I stopped in the little exercise room and walked on the treadmill and then pedalled the bicycle for a while. Then I showered, put on a tie, and waited for my cousin.

My cousin Bret picked me up to go to the church to which he belongs, the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. This church is architecturally significant, as it is a 15 story-tall Art Deco work from 1929. It has an interesting side story. The design was suggested by Tulsa U. professor Adah Robinson, who was not an architect. Its intricate design appealed to the church. Architect Bruce Goff, a student of hers, worked with her designs to do the architectural work to take the detailed conceptions into reality. Though the work brought him to prominence and helped launch his distinguished career, he apparently tried to claim all the credit for the work. The church, to its credit, sets the record a bit straighter.

My cousin volunteered to be a door-opener. I liked this bit of service--he stood beside a heavy side door and opened it for older folks and folks with reasons they needed a door open. He greeted everyone with the warmth and easy-going friendliness native to him. I lack this kind of effortless friendliness. I liked that he did something like this small service that in its own way made a big difference.

We sat in the balcony during the service. It was interesting to see how the sanctuary was designed. The sermon was on humility. the anthem was a new arrangement of "Simple Gifts". For Communion, they used the odd tasteless wafers and individually-cupped grape juice I remember from childhood. This was a contrast from the King's Hawaiian bread and grape juice in a chalice that is now more common. But
when the attendant came upstairs, we dipped the tasteless wafers in a chalice, which was a third, hybrid way.

After the service, we returned to the door-opening place. I handled the task when my cousin was called away to help someone seated stand up.

My wife was up and at 'em when I arrived home. We headed to Panera Bread near our hotel. I had a turkey sandwich on Country bread. Then we headed back to my cousin's home. My cousin, my Uncle Ron, my wife and I headed off a half an hour away to Osage County. We headed to Lake Skiatook, a lovely large reservoir lake in a swath of the cross timbers (blackjack maple and post oak trees).

My cousin Bret has an aged Cobalt boat. When we arrived, his son John and John's girlfriend had it out on the lake. I went for a 90 minute hike on a trail along the ridges above the lake. My wife soon went on the boat and rode on one of those mattressy things that the boat pulled. During my hike, I saw a coyote, a black racer snake, and two American Goldfinches.

After we all returned to Tulsa, my wife and I went to a local Johnny Carina's restaurant to meet our friends Greg and Melissa. They had both lost impressive amounts of weight through cutting down carbs and looked great. We enjoyed speaking to them.

After dinner, we watched Texas beat Notre Dame in a close football contest on television, and settled in for the evening.

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