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We hit the road well before 7:30 a.m. if well after the 6 a.m. for which I hoped in vain. The drive to Tulsa turned out to be interesting and easy. We were able to check into our hotel before Noon. Then my Aunt Rose and Uncle Ron picked us up. They drove us to the Philbrook Museum. We ate a lunch in the Museum's fine restaurant. I ate a chicken tortilla soup. Then we toured the gallery.

The Philbrook was built in 1927 as a more than extravagant home for one of the families associated with Phillips Petroleum. Now it serves as a great art museum with garden grounds. I liked the western paintings, the Native American arts, the portraits, and the butterflies in the garden.

We enjoyed the museum. I had not been there in years. Afterward, we drove in the affluent Woodward Park area. We got to see Westhope, the Frank Lloyd Wright home in that area.

We headed to an Academy sports, where I needed to get swimming trunks that fit. I found some that were fine and on clearance. We headed to my cousin Bret and his wife Kirstin's house. We enjoyed visiting with them and with their charming three kids, two of whom are at the University of Oklahoma and one is at Edison High School. We ate hot dogs and corn on the cob.

Bret, Kirstin, my wife and I attended the last 6 innings of the Tulsa Drillers back to nor league baseball game against the Springfield Cardinals. As we approached the stadium, a man told us the score was already 9 to 0. We nonetheless watched the Tulsa Drillers fight back to lose by a more Nobel score of 11 to 2. Then we watched a fantastic fireworks show.

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