Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Quinoa and coins

Sunday I got up and walked on the Chisholm Trail. I went to church at First UMC, where the sermon discussed accompanying acts of piety with acts of charity. I think the world needs a lot more kindness than it needs pious utterances.

After church, I had raw carrots, two slices of buffet pepperoni pizza, and dill pickles at CiCi's. Then I walked in Allen Station Park, where immature Eastern Bluebirds flew.

In the afternoon, I spent long hours sorting the huge number of coins my late father left behind when he passed away. He kept anything old or interesting from his pocket change. I am going through the coins now. I enjoyed reading up on coin values, and learning about coins. I handled a rare coin case or three a goodish number of years back in which I learned a lot of things about that industry. My father's collection will not afford us any "Antiques Roadshow" moments of the numismatic equivalent of an overlooked Picasso, but the modest upside is just worth the long, somewhat arduous but fun process of looking at a lot of small-denomination coins. I have a ways to go, as we say in my home town.We dined on turkey and ham sandwiches on tiny slices of Pepperidge Farm bread.

Today I ate Strawberry Awake breakfast cereal with skim milk for breakfast, sorted coins, worked a solid day, ate three soft chicken tacos from Taco Bueno for lunch, and took a walk in Bethany Lakes Park after work. Two Snowy Egrets held my interest.

Now we are waiting for the quinoa to cook so that we can eat it with chicken and broccoli. My computer upgraded itself to the latest Q4OS Orion version 1.6 with no hassle. There is a lot to be said for a simple distro based on Debian Stable.

We're watching the show Rizzoli and Isles on television and enjoying our evening.

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