Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

orange line blues

Monday the traffic attending the first day of school in the area proved more than manageable. I worked a solid day, and had a lunch of soft chicken tacos and a dinner of cube steak. I got some necessary paperwork mailed, and sorted out some issues.

This morning I kept waking in two-hour intervals. I got up at near the right time, arrived at the Parker Road Station, and caught an Orange Line train to downtown Dallas. I arrived in good order. The metal detector folks preferred to insist I put my things in my computer bag rather provide me with a basket. That is no big deal, though it slowed me a bit. But later, on the train back, I found that my day pass had gone missing during the upheaval. This proved less than entirely fun when the ticket-checker came by. But I soldier on.

For lunch I ate soft chicken tacos and went back to work. I worked until 6:35 p.m. and headed home. I walked in Suncreek Park,which had lots of immature Eastern Bluebirds on the trees. We dined tonight on pork cutlets and grilled asparagus.

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