Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

no running, no hiding of heads

The weather guy said that our average high lately is 14 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the average high. Then he gave a useful statistic--the highs this week resemble the average high on September 20th. We have had rain for days--never too much, unlike folks in Louisiana, who are inundated.

Yesterday I left my rain windbreaker in my car at lunch, after a lunch of a Subway sandwich and a walk among the Eastern Bluebirds at Breckinridge Park. A somewhat imperfect tree was cut down by the park staff--it was probably safe and good husbandry to cut it, but I will miss it. When the end-of-the-work-day heavy rains came in, I ran through them to get to my car. I got soaked. As ever, the experience felt fun but the aftermath proved less than ideal.

Last night we ate in, dining upon some tasty stuffed Hatch chiles. I like that the state o New Mexico gets so much attention with the "Hatch Chile" marketing angle, though the chiles originate from more areas than Hatch, New Mexico, and the various similar but not identical chiles elude definitive differentiation. When I go to southern New Mexico, the less touristy, arguably more fun part of the state, the chiles used tend to be hotter and more interesting. But I do not know those chiles' names. I like the idea that the chiles all descend from the agriculture of the Pueblo-dwelling first peoples, followed by refinement by a series of folks associated with New Mexico State University, including Dr. Fabián Garcia, in 1894.I'd like to take another New Mexico vacation someday--perhaps to Ruidoso, which stays cool in the Summer.

I signed up for the early morning bird walk scheduled for today at Lake Ray Roberts Park, Johnson Branch, but heavy rain at dawn convinced me that the walk was unlikely to take place. So I took my own walk on the Watters Creek Trail near our neighborhood. The creek, usually a shallow flow, rushed due to the rain. I saw 14 species of birds, among whom a flock of House Finches reminded me that late Summer is here. I took Beatrice for a walk, which she enjoyed.

I ate lunch at Whichwich, where I was disappointed that sauerkraut is no longer a side I may order with my turkey sandwich. I am a creature of habit, who will order the same things over and over. But perhaps change is good. I did try a "Smartfoods" popcorn in lieu of chips.

This afternoon I am working on practical family paperwork things. I took a break to start my laundry, only to learn, to my delight, that the woman who cleans our home twice a month did much of it already. That makes my day easier.

I got an email with a detailed letter from a first cousin, once removed, which helpfully explains something of concern. I like a thorough, factual approach like that.

Lately I want to create musical instruments out of household things, guided by a
book I own on how to do just that.

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