Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dive bombed

The weather here remains somewhat cooler than normal, with pleasant rain. To our southwest, flooding in Louisiana displaces people from their homes and leads to rescues by boat. The contrast between extremes of weather in contiguous regions are palpable.

Monday I sat in one of the chairs in our back patio. Juvenile Northern Mockingbirds cried out to their parents for feeding. As I sat in the fading light, a male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird hovered in mid-air, not five feet from my face. Then it zipped off.

I bought an issue of Linux Voice at Barnes & Noble. I had to wait five minutes for a fellow a good bit older than I am to tell long anecdotes to the 20something cashier after he made his purchase. Later, she apologized, but said she could not figure out a polite way to shuffle him off to Buffalo. I agreed with her--there was no need to be impolite.

I dined on a TKY sandwich, baked chips, and vegetable soup from Potbelly. I drove to Breckinridge Park, to see the Barn Swallows in the rain.Tonight in Green Park I saw a fledgling Northern Mockingbird working on trying to fly. I gave it a pretty wide berth, but as I walked away, I turned and saw an adult bird coming at me in proverbial "dive bomber" posture. I continued to walk away, feigning ignorance. I fell asleep during the Olympics. My wife watched episodes of "Homeland" and stayed up late.

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