Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

green birds and corn pops

Today the weather proved cooler. I walked Beatrice at 7 a.m. I walked myself on the Chisholm Trail. I went to Weight Watchers, where my weight was neither up nor down.
I went to church, where the sermon was about communal connections over the "me" orientation of the obsession with individual experience. I went to Casa Taco for two beef soft tacos. The fellow at the register felt embarrassed when he could not get the register to open.

I went to Bethany Lakes Park, where I counted more than 15 species, and good pictures of an Eastern Phoebe and of a Green Heron. I drove to Suncreek Park, where I watched Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Chickadees and Eastern Phoebes. I stopped by Kroger for Kelloggs' Corn Pops cereal, bananas and clementines.

In the afternoon I rested. I picked up sandwiches for us at Subway. We watched the penultimate episode of "Inspector Lewis". I will hate to see that show depart. Though I often disapprove of series based on novels I enjoy, and often disapprove of non-canonical TV episodes not based on actual novels or stories, I always enjoy both "Inspector Lewis" and "Endeavor".

I thought of a few quick images from the weekend--cosplay attendees to the Dallas Anime Festival standing in costume outside the Dallas Sheraton downtown as my train stopped at the Pearl Street Station; the fellow at Subway telling me how successful the new location across the street from the old one had proven to be; the fellow at the register at Kroger asking if it was, as he believed, too cool in the supermarket; and looking up places to visit on the way up on a planned visit to Tulsa next month. I also got on a reading jag about McGregor, Texas, on a "what if?" about what I would do if I took a train there.

Now the movie "Ghost" has come on television, which we both enjoy. I have a weakness for afterlife stories, provided they do not involve children whose near-death experiences confirm their parents' need for publicity.

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