Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cloudy and fine

On my way to work, I stopped to walk on those suburban sidewalks that make up the shady Chisholm Trail. Overhead, I saw a Mississippi Kite. In the brush near the creek, I saw two Carolina Wrens.

At work, my assistant had picked me up breakfast in honor of my birthday. I had already eaten, but I was sufficiently touched to eat again. I thought of my father at my age, and how full of life his remaining life proved to be. I hope I am so fortunate, but without the more energetic adventures he experienced.

One of my law partners was back from watching a gifted grandson golf in Lubbock. Panhandle plateau town Lubbock, home of Buddy Holly, sometimes gets slagged as bleak and hot in Summer. But my partner discovered the Panhandle secret I learned already--it cools in the evening in the panhandle. I love the Texas Panhandle--seemingly mildly roly-flat and tundra-ish but then oh, my! what canyons and wildlife.

A huge rainstorm moved in unexpectedly this afternoon. On August 12 in north Texas, this is like Texas. I hope this is an early break in our relentless heat. I drove in a park where I could see dozens of Cliff Swallows.

I ate a chopped turkey salad without dressing for lunch. I walked in Timber Narrows Park in Murphy after work. We dined at Dickey's BBQ for dinner. We plan a train trip and a museum visit tomorrow, weather permitting. We walked Beatrice in the wonderful post-rain air.

I hope the clouds lift enough for me to see Perseids this weekend, but things are good.

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