Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

When I have learned to count the days wisely, perhaps they will seem limitless

Today I worked on so many things, and yet I'm still so very busy.
As the mid-week arrives, I realize that I'm once again to have a choice on Saturday between needed relaxation and necessary work.
I envy people who easily find balance in their lives; my life seems a little tilted towards work right now. I'm glad that the Thanksgiving holiday is so close, and especially glad that daytime temperatures are in the high 60s and low 70s.

My wife's technical writer magazine had great articles on making pdf ebooks tonight. This is a very tempting way for me to go with my self-publishing notion. I believe ebooks are still jurassic technology, but that's okay. I choose the term "jurassic technology" in homage to LA's Museum of Jurassic Technology, of course, even though I will observe in passing that the problem with parody for me is that real life is so often so much better at it than would-be parodists.

I've begun my regime of refraining from eating the things I should not eat, and now just need to fold more exercise back into my habits to resume my former "healthy living" ways. I listened on NPR to some doctor explain his theory that we need to measure inflammation, not just cholesterol, but my theory is that until gingerbread is rendered fat-free, none of us are safe. I am determined, though, to spend this holiday season without getting all engorged and sheepish. Family holidays are warm and fun in my family, and I hope I can spend time with my nieces and nephews. When my wife and I are old, will they visit us? I hope so.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday's Dallas area nanowrimo get-together. The people are all so cool there. I think there's something attractive about earnest hobbyists in almost any hobby, but writing is such an amorphous and diverse hobby. It's like a kinship with folks so different from me. Of course, my friends would argue, everyone is different from gurdonark, so that suppose I am not saying much. Among other things, nano's given me new weblogs to read, and it's fun to play cheerleader while locals' word counts rise. I believe that the next meeting will be either at a bagel place or a coffee shop. I can go to either and sin no more--I am not really a coffee or bagel person. Thank goodness nobody thought of meeting up at Le Madeleine, our local chain of French bakeries--my resolve would evaporate near fresh pain au chocolat.

I am in the mood for a Korean barbecue. I wish we had one in Collin County. I am in Los Angeles in January, though, so I may go to one of those good ones on 6th Street then. I also miss Zankou Chicken, the Armenian-style chicken place chain in LA, but I don't think any outlets will be too convenient to my next LA trip.

I got a parking ticket yesterday. Now the wheels of analysis spin and turn. Should I take photos and try the case by mail, showing that the "no parking PMs" sign was not visible? Should I ignominiously pay my fine? They don't plea bargain in parking enforcement like they do on Law and Order. I do have a winning way, though, of charming myself out of library fines by looking suitably contrite.

We're going to vacation in January. That sounds like great fun to me right now.

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