Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Banff day

We hit the road to Banff today, after breakfasting on multi-grain Cheerios. I planned to walk the easy trails around town. My wife hoped to do several hours of shopping. We both hoped to visit the Whyte Museum. All our hopes were met.

I hiked the Fenland Trail,a 2.2 km flat trail. I liked the White Admiral butterfly I saw on that first walk:

I walked the trail twice, stopping the second time to reassure a confused-looking Englishwoman that the wolf warning did not mean that wolves had been attacking people.

I walked further into town to meet my wife for lunch. First, though, I headed to a Post Office. I bought a stamp. The fellow behind the counter did not take my envelope for mailing, but instead directed me to a slot at which to mail it myself.

We dined at a brew pub where we each had an incredibly good vegetable sandwich, which used eggplant, a carrot spread and vegan bread to amazing advantage. Afterward, we went to the Whyte Museum, a great regional art museum combined with a history museum. As Banff was in part built up as a way to sell railroad tickets for the Canada Pacific Railway, its art had some interesting dimensions. We liked the exhibitions very much, both older and modern.

After the museum, we drove to Vermillion Lakes, on the edge of Banff. We drove past this wetlands patch, until we saw an adult Bald Eagle and an immature Bald Eagle. My wife had seen the immature in flight over Banff, so it was good to
see it stationary on a branch.

My wife wanted to do some more shopping. I walked the Bow River Trail. I saw lots of birds, including a Mountain Chickadee and an Osprey.

It rained a bit but I had my rain jacket.

We then drove back to Vermillion Lakes. There we saw three Bald Eagles, a female Elk (Wapiti) and even a glimpse of a feeding Black Bear. I took lots of eagle pictures.

We drove home through a heavy rain. I made myself a sandwich with back bacon and black forest ham. It was a good day.

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