Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Canmore Rockies

Friday evening we caught a plane at 5:30 p.m. During the flight, I watched Richard Linklater's film Before Midnight. I enjoyed this third film in an interesting series. The film came free with the flight and helped pass the time. When the flight landed in Calgary, the wait time in immigration and customs proved minimal.

We drove to a Sheraton Four Points in the western part of Calgary, across the highway from the old Olympic complex. The hotel was full, but the hotel restaurant was nearly empty. I ordered a small steak which was delightful. My wife enjoyed her steak sandwich.The food proved far better than stereotypic chain hotel food.

We drove on the Bow Valley Trail into Cochrane, a prairie town about a third of the way to the mountains. We drove through town hunting a bank machine and breakfast.
We saw a historic-looking bridge that crossed the Bow River. We felt we had to cross it. Then we saw a walking path by the other side of the river. We parked and began walking.

Soon it transpired that we were on a walkway that doubled as a leash-free dog park.I never saw so many peaceful, happy dogs walking along a pathway in my life.
I enjoyed the sheer joy that the dogs exuded, and the friendly owners. I also liked the Cedar Waxwings and sparrows I saw.

A nice man made a breakfast recommendation for a place in downtown Canmore. But it had been closed for 3 years. We finally got a recommendation for a Smitty's, a simple breakfast place. I had back (Canadian) bacon and egg whites. We headed back on the Bow Valley Trail.

We stopped at at Middle Lake at Bow Valley Provincial Park. We saw Mountain Bluebirds, White-Crowned Sparrows,a loud baby Spotted Sandpiper, Ring-Billed Gulls and a Belted Kingfisher. We loved the look of the lake and of the mountains from the lakeshore.

We drove into Canmore. My wife took a nap. I walked to a Save More to buy some groceries. I like the place we are staying. We dined last night at Crazyweed, a really fine restaurant. I had Icelandic cod with laksa sauce. My wife had a great shrimp pasta. We heard from the kind person who is watching our home and our pal Beatrice.

It began to rain when we emerged from dinner. We waited a lot of it out at a Safeway but then walked on to our room. I ate a cookie. I spoke with my sister by phone. This is a very busy holiday weekend here, and an ample berry crop means some bear-inspired trail closures. But thought we might not see everything there is to see, we are having fun so far.

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