Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Pip and a strayphone

I woke up at 4 a.m. as the storm began. A July thunderstorm provides relief here, where our Summers often feature lots of hot and fairly dry days. This one did not generate too much rain, but it helped the first half of the day remain fairly cool. I watched part of the Twilight Zone marathon, including "Praise for Pip", with Jack Klugman and Billy Mumy, one of my favorites from that series.

After I ate my morning Kix cereal around 8 a.m., I took Beatrice for walk in the cloudy, cool morning air. She thoroughly enjoyed the circuit of the little park pond.

I planned to drive to Farmersville to walk on the Chapparal Trail, but soon felt disinclined to drive that far. I steered instead to Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco, where I walked for eighty minutes. During my walk, I saw lots of Northern Cardinals. I found a stray iPhone left on a little turn-in scenic view on the trail. The phone battery seemed dead, as it would not power on. After I finished my walk, I used my phone to look up an Apple store. I drove to Stonebriar Mall to find it. I checked first at an A, T and T store to see if the sales rep possessed the power to identify the long distance carrier by looking at the phone. He professed himself unable to do so, but gave me good directions to the shopping center's Apple Store. In that store, a young man with an iPad tablet stood setting up a throng of customers in a queue. When I explained that I hunted the phone's owner, he handled the situation without making me loiter and wait to reach the magic number on his iPad. I felt pleased that he handled this graciously and simply, so I told him the trail on which I found the phone, and headed off.

I stopped to get pho at Pho Que Huong off 121, but found it closed. So I ate a black forest ham sandwich and baked chips at Subway. Then I headed home. My wife and I headed over to Cinema 10 in Plano, the bargain chain cinema. We bought tickets to "Zootopia". The attendant courteously asked if we minded a 3-D movie.
We did not mind, so, cheap plastic 3-D glasses in hand, we headed into the theater auditorium.

We enjoyed the movie, which felt like a complete antidote to Saturday's showing of "The Lobster". Then we stopped by Java and Chai so that my wife could get a bubble tea. Then we headed to Yu's Asian Diner, which served me a capable broccoli shrimp and served my wife a tasty steamed tofu and vegetables.

I then headed out by myself to Best Buy, as my cell phone chargers, both cheap items, no longer did a great job on charging my cell phone. A young man at Best Buy steered me in a better direction. I also picked up some dirt cheap USB sticks which I will use as another line of back-up defense.

I walked a bit on the Watters Creek Branch Trail, and then headed home. Now the Boston Pops are on television. We'll head outdoors at 9:30 p.m. to try to see fireworks a neighborhood or two over.

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