Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A Tale of Two Movies

My wife's alarm went off at 6 a.m. this fine Saturday morning. My wife normally sleeps in on Saturdays. Today,though, we had a mission to fulfill. Our fair city offered a special "pick up large things" service today. We had four things to place outside--all furniture pieces now replaced, all not good enough to even donate to Goodwill. We carried each out of our front door, and walked each to the back of our home.

We saw a Bobcat foraging a few houses down in the alley. The Bobcat did not see us.We finished putting out the furniture by 6:40 a.m. I thought about driving down the road to Connemara Meadow for the first Saturday bird walk. But I decided to take Beatrice for a walk instead. First I ate some Kix cereal, and watched some episodes of the HGTV show about tiny houses.

Beatrice had been on restricted walking under doctor's orders due to a sensitive paw. But that time period elapsed. She is back in fine fettle. She enjoyed a walk in the relative cool of the morning, though in point of fact we did not go until 8 a.m., when the air was not too warm but was a bit humid.

After a somewhat longer Bea walk than usual, when she insisted on walking to Twin Creeks Boulevard, we got back home. I decided to go to the Plano Angelika movie theater. Before the film, I got some exercise walking around the pond created next to this shopping area.

This theater has been holding a weekly Studio Ghibli film festival, featuring one animated film by this Japanese studio each week. I like the Ghibli films I had seen,so I thought it would be a fine thing to do to attend the 11 a.m. showing of Yoshifumi Kondō's "Whisper of the Heart" from 1995. I had not seen that film before. I loved its story--simultaneously a coming-of-age film about a junior high girl in Tokyo and a series of metaphors about the creative process. I was delighted with the film in every respect. Originally, I wondered if its plot would wear thin, but in fact it gained steam in midstream.

I was surprised that of the 20something audience members, virtually all were my age or older. I had thought Ghibli had a young following, but it was not in evidence today. As attendance was light, I originally chose a seat in the middle of the theater in an ideal row. Fellow patrons sat one row behind me and continued chatting after the movie began, so I quietly and quickly relocated to the end of the row. This is why I usually sit away from people on the edge of theaters.

I drove to a Subway in nearby Frisco, where I enjoyed baked chips and a turkey sandwich on wheat. I really liked my meal and the young man and woman who assembled my sandwich.

Though the afternoon heat was high, I walked at Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco, Green Park in Allen and Suncreek Park in Allen. None yielded a huge bird count,. but all were fun in their own way.

My wife and I drove to Plano to the Gordon Biersch on Legacy to meet our friends Scott and Donna. We had a great meal and chat together. I liked my 7" sirloin steak with grilled asparagus and apple cider slaw.

We crossed Legacy to go to Plano Angelika--my second visit of the day to that theater. We were bound to see Yorgos Lanthimos' "The Lobster". I thought this movie the worst I have seen in years. Every plot line, every metaphor,and almost every sight gag and absurdity in this dystopian would-be dark comedy hit the ground for me with a thud. I see that most critics give it a high rating on "Rotten Tomatoes", but I found myself completely unimpressed by this film's effort at being some kind of early 1970s-cinema-style "provocative art". The film was well-acted, and had some ideas, but its ideas and its somewhat appealing weirdness failed to make up for its appalling awfulness and un-funny effort to repeatedly illustrate that things can always get worse.

We drove home. We are watching an old Doctor Who and recovering nicely,

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