Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sunning pal

Warm, humid days ended June this week. At lunch I saw a Loggerhead Shrike,and then had fresh pineapple, raw broccoli, baby carrots and two slices of sausage pizza at the CiCi's Pizza Buffet.

In the early evening I walked in Plano on the part of the Chisholm Trail near Orlando Drive. I saw a lovely water shake, and a Mississippi Kite flying very high. As I finished my walk, I saw a young coyote at the edge of the weeds near the creek, sunning himself. I took lots of pictures as we looked at each other at a bit of a distance, without fear. I do fear that he has a touch of sarcoptic mange, but I am no diagnostician. I think we liked each other, but I am substituting my human projections for facts. In myth, the coyote is the Trickster, but tonight this one was the sunning pal.

I cautioned a passing walker with his dog to keep his dog on leash.

Quite early, I awoke to find my wife had fallen asleep in her easy chair. I coaxed her to the bedroom at 5 in the morning. She sleep almost as soon as she lay down again. I did some laundry in the pre-dawn.

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