Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Rough Green Snake and Cooper's Hawk

I got up in time to begin a walk at 8:30 a.m. I decided to walk on the Watters Creek Trail, within walking distance of my home. I carried a camera, a pen and pad to count bird sightings, and binoculars.

I walked for three and one-half hours, taking in the Watters Branch Creek Trail and the newer Inter-Urban Loop Trail. I walked a goodish bit over eight miles. The highlights for me included spotting two Cooper's Hawks in the woods after hearing their plaintive, somewhat cranky squeak-talk, and sighting a Rough Green Snake, my favorite species of snake. I encouraged the Rough Green Snake to head off by starting to pick up the branch on which it stretched. I wanted to ensure that no clueless passing pedestrian harmed that snake.

After the walk, I showered and ate a chicken breast plate with green bean's at Dickey's BBQ. In the afternoon, I worked on creating new music. When my wife arrived home from a visit with friends in the early evening, we headed off to dinner. We tried Firewater, a new restaurant in our hometown. I ate a 6 oz. sirloin steak, roast potatoes and roasted vegetables. I liked the place very well.

At night, I continued to work on my music. I finished the ninth track of what I believe to be a nine or ten track album. I want to finish and post it prior to being interviewed on a podcast on Friday. I plan to self-release, to avoid the understandable delays when going through someone else's netlabel. Perhaps the snake provides a potential for an album cover. Time tells all, or not nearly enough.

My creative process runs in two different directions now. One tends toward simple melodies, as my work mostly feels right to me when it feels direct and emotive.
But this time I included pieces that feature more generative and obscure sounds.
I used to do such non-linear work as a first choice, and feel pleased to admix that in.

The main issues now involve figuring out if I wish to add a tenth song, and making sure the tagging and the format is right to upload. Tagging and format tend to cause more worry consumption than song creation for me.

The theme derives from a story that the ambient artist Mystified posted a week or three-ish ago. He read the liner notes of an album, which proclaimed the artist's genius. Then it turned out the song in question bore the name "Hyperbole" (perhaps intended to invoke "Hyperboreal"). I loved this story, and resolved to
make this album a series of tone poems about self-obsession and navel-gazing.
That fits my kind of music perfectly.

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