Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A chef called Dave

Sunday morning I walked on the Bluebonnet Trail, which runs under a powerline and features wildflowers and a small creek. I found I lost weight when I weighed in at Weight Watchers. I went to First UMC for church, where the departing youth minister gave a very effective Father's Day sermon about a childless scoutmaster who mentored him. His mentor worked as a chef in his daily life, and he learned to budget food purchases and to cook from his scoutmaster. He recalled the day his scoutmaster and his wife had to leave, because the perfect career opportunity came up in Portland. He was amused that he knew his scoutmaster by first name, but does not know his surname.

After lunch I ate two soft beef tacos at Taco Casa. Then I walked in Bethany Lakes Park, where I watched an immature American Robin and a sunning Red-Eared Slider Turtle. Then I walked in Allen Station Park, where I saw two Eastern Phoebes and a Western Kingbird. My wife and I spent the afternoon successfully analyzing some family business.Afterward, we went over Summer vacation locations, using the road atlas I keep in my car. Our goal is to take a five-day weekend involving:
a. travel to the northwest;
b. cooler weather in August than here;
c. trees;
d. access to places to eat and stay;
e. great hiking and reasonable access to wildlife; and
f. somewhere we can get on a non-stop or easy one-stop flight.

We narrowed our choices down to the area near Banff National Park (and more particularly, the Kananaskis area and Canmore); Glacier National Park in Montana, and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I also set in mind for a future trip purposes Sioux City and the Loess Hills of Iowa (and the Wabash cycling trail) and the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota.

In the late afternoon I walked from Green Park to the nearby DaySpring Nature Preserve, where I watched American Robins and Blue Jays. Then I dined on chicken with broccoli and fresh pineapple chunks. We watched the PBS showing of "Endeavor" on Mystery!, and got a good night's sleep. This morning I walked Beatrice in the cool of the day. The neighborhood park is much quieter when the elementary school next door is not in session.

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