Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

shrimp and thistle

In the early evening, we learned that our favorite sushi restaurant, Wasabi, closed.
We dined instead at Rockfish Grill. Last weekend our second-favorite sushi place, Umeko, had closed. We had been going to each for over a decade. Restaurants are often impermanent things, though they seem permanent when they are frequently visited.

Tonight we watched "Persuasion", the 1995 film. I think I had seen it before, but we particularly liked it. We also watched a "Doc Martin" episode.

I had planned to go to the bird walk at Lake Ray Roberts State Park, but it was called off due to flooding. I drove instead to Bonham State Park. I walked there, and saw fewer birds than I hoped to see. I attribute this to not getting started until 10.50 a.m. I watched a show on HGTV in which teams bought old furniture at flea markets and then fixed it up and resold it at a different flea market. Also, I found I had forgotten to retrieve an SD card from my computer. I found a 32 GB SD card for nearly nothing--the prices on storage dropped due to the so-called "cloud storage".

I did see some lovely wildflowers--thistle, trumpetflower and Engelmann's Daisy. I did ultimately get some nice Northern Mockingbird snaps at Green Park.

At lunch I ate shrimp at Long John Silver's. I was amused when I noticed that the attendant had given me the senior discount, though I had not asked for it. I felt a bit like a fossil, but a fossil who gets a bargain.

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