Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sunday and Monday

Yesterday, I note for my future reading, Omar Mateen killed fifty people and wounded another fifty in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Today the media is a fog of facts, speculation, repeated trivia and soul-searching.

When I left my house at 8something a.m. to go to Weight Watchers, I recall seeing a quick blurb about shooting in Orlando. I stopped to walk on the Chisholm Trail in Plano. As I approached an underpass, I saw a Bobcat walking in the other direction. I stopped to let it pass, taking its picture.

At Weight Watchers I tried to participate in the discussion. My weight was up a bit--perhaps an after-effect of eating one billion bananas on Saturday.Then I headed home to process my four good bobcat photos. I lingered too long over that to make it to church, which is not ideal.

I turned on the television, and learned of the horror of the Orlando shooting. I found the images of survivors helping wounded survivors get down the street to help very moving.

I ate two slices of pepperoni pizza for lunch at Cici's Pizza. I walked at Allen Station Park, where the air was very muggy. I went home, and it began to rain. I spent my afternoon making music on my computer. The restful focus of this activity soothed me.

Today I got a lot done at work. I felt rested. The rain fell--a bit unusual for mid-June in north Texas.

Yesterday I refreshed my memory about the Bath School massacre. This 1920s Michigan event involved a deranged former school board treasurer who used his electrician skills to cause a murderous explosion at the local school. This is one of a fairly substantial number of horrible crimes that litter the 20th Century. I dislike the recurrent situation when folks claim that things are worse now than they have ever been. I never think that folks aware of 1939-1945 or the Jim Crow lynchings or the killing fields in Cambodia should make such macabre claims about the current times.

Yet yesterday a man set a kind of modern record for savage gun violence. I do not have anything particularly insightful to say. It's just sad.

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