Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

routine procedure

Today my morning featured one of those routine medical procedures which requires no elaboration on the ground of banality. Yesterday I did the preparation, which involved limiting my intake to popsicles, water and a medical fluid.

My wife drove me to the Galatyn Park Red Line rail station in Richardson, adjacent to her work. Then I rode the Red Line to the Lovers' Lane station, arriving by 8:30 a.m. The train was full, so I stood until I got to my station.

I walked north on Greenville Avenue. I found that the procedure center was not in an office building, but in a storefront. I was impressed as I walked with how many restaurants and stores were within an easy walk of the train station at this "Upper Greenville" location.

I got to the center so early that I decided to take a walk. I walked residential streets next to the Village Apartments. I used to rent near the Village Apartments in 1984 and 1985. Back then, the Village was the hip place in town to rent, dozens and dozens of complexes managed by a single management company which were largely inhabited by 20something singles of the "young urban professional" ("yuppie" class) which was somewhat over-discussed and over-stereotyped in that era.

Now the apartment buildings are over thirty years old, and surrounded by large Live Oak trees. I walked past them, listening to the "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" of Carolina Chickadees and the clicks of Northern Cardinals. I wondered if the residents of the complexes fit different demographics now. I saw one shuttle bus to Southern Methodist University. I saw another bus to the rail station, which would take folks to downtown Dallas jobs. I left with a positive impression of the old place.

I made my way back to the place where I was having the procedure done. The staff got me checked in in good order. I had to do a bit more prep. Then they wheeled me into the procedure room. I met my doctor, Dr. Odstrcil. I believe that is a Czech name.
I liked her. I met my anesthesiologist, whose name I do not remember. She was pleasant and professional, too. I was surprised that my banal procedure required general anesthetic. But it all was over as soon as it began, in the way of such things, and I was in recovery. The procedure went well, and I am in good shape on that score.

The sedation meant that I could not drive or even take a train home. So my wife picked me up and took me to my office. I avoided strenuous work challenges but got some work done anyway. At day's end, my law partner drove me home.

Our HVAC unit had not performed well, so the fellow in our area who fixes these things came by. He found the problem, a melted wire, in good order. Now we are cool.
We dined on pork loin, salad and couscous and turned on a baseball game on television.

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