Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


My vehicle's battery gave up the ghost this morning. I drove my wife's car to Weight Watchers and church. I ate carrots, dill pickles and two slices of pepperoni cheese at Cici's Pizza Buffet.

I jump-started my Chevy Equinox and headed to National Tire and Battery. The fellow behind the desk did not have the battery I needed in inventory, and could not locate one at another NTB. He quite courteously called around to find a store with the battery I needed. He found one at competitor O'Reilly Auto Parts and sent me there. I admired his "Miracle on 34th Street" kind of consumer care. I'll use that store again someday.While I was at NTB, I got a Facebook message from a musical artist I know through She is coming to Dallas next week with the Solunar music festival. This was good news. I registered for tickets for the free show to be held at the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

At O'Reilly, they sold me a battery and installed it. The service was great. Then I headed to the Heard Natural Science Center to take a walk. The day was overcast and a bit muggy.

The American South offers a kind of trifecta of amazing Summer birds. The trifecta consists of the Painted Bunting, the Indigo Bunting and the Prothonotary Warbler. Yesterday I saw two Painted Buntings. At the outset of my walk today I saw an Indigo Bunting. I completed the trifecta on the boardwalk over the wetlands when I saw the lovely Prothonotary Warbler, at home in swampy environs.

I took some pictures. I saw a woman walk up with her camera and pointed out the bird to her. In turn, she used her smart phone to show me a really amazing shot of one she had obtained on another day. Later, my wife called me as I walked,giving me that curious melange of nature scenery and stories of her family visit in Kansas.

I went home, processed my pictures, worked on cleaning up my vehicle, and watched a movie on television. A storm came out of nowhere. Upon hearing the thunder, Beatrice rushed to confront it. She is nobody's storm wimp. I got her to come in, and threw her favorite yellow duckling for her.

A friend of mine who is a lawyer from Pennsylvania made a joke about the Prothonotary Warbler, as court clerks in her state are called Prothonotaries. I had to let her down by telling her the reference was Catholic clerics in yellow, not civil court clerks.

When the rain died down a bit, I drove to Forever Pho for Summer rolls and pho ga.
Then I went home and worked some more on my Equinox, making some progress. Then I settled in to watch television and unwind,

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